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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Jerry Lindsey?
Master Jeweler Jerry Lindsey has been designing custom jewelry since 1980 for discerning clients around the world. Jerry Lindsey first opened his custom jewelry store in Hooks, TX, before moving it to Tennessee in 1993. Jerry is a Diamond Graduate of Gemological Institute of America and has received a total of 18 awards for his jewelry designs.
Why custom design?
You get exactly what YOU want, not what a jewelry store has in stock. You may have a specific dream item in your mind, or you may like a combination of different pieces you've seen. Jerry Lindsey can create it. Most importantly, because it's a custom piece, no one on earth will have a piece of jewelry exactly like yours.
How long does it take to create a custom piece?
The process takes 2-4 weeks. Your first step is to meet with Jerry Lindsey to discuss ideas, metals and diamonds/gemstones. He will create a sketch and then a wax model of your design. Upon approval of the wax, Jerry will cast the piece, set your stones, polish it and prepare it for presentation to yourself or your loved one.
Can I use my own diamonds and gemstones?
Yes, provided they are in good condition. Jerry Lindsey will examine your stones to make sure they have no chips or other problems. Then, he will move them from your mounting to your new design. We also have a wide variety of diamonds and gemstones to compliment what you already have.
What metals do you use?
Because we melt the metals specifically for your ring, we can create jewelry in platinum, white gold or yellow gold. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic and is 30 times more rare than gold. This naturally white metal can maximize the brilliance of your diamond. We also use yellow gold in 14k, 18k or 24k. The white gold we use (in 14k or 18k) is X1, which provides the brightest, whitest white possible.

Where will my jewelry be during this process?
Every step of the process happens on-site at our Franklin store. Jerry Lindsey is one of the few jewelers in Tennessee to cast platinum, as well as gold. You can rest assured that your treasured possessions will remain safe in our safe, until they?re ready to go home with you.
Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer jewelry financing through FirstBank.


Can I trade in my gold?
Yes. Bring in your tangled necklaces, single earrings or outdated pieces of jewelry and we'll recycle them for you. Jerry Lindsey will pay you a fair price based on that day's metal values, which you can apply toward your new custom piece. It's important to trade with someone you know and trust.

How do you guarantee custom jewelry?
Every step of the process, Jerry Lindsey will work closely with you, to ensure the design is what you want.  There will be many opportunities to fine tune the design along the way. After you pick up the piece, we will make minor modifications and sizing changes within 30 days.
What do I do with jewelry I inherited but never wear?
Bring it in. Jewelry has great sentimental value, but sometimes, an inherited style is not yours. Jerry Lindsey can use those sentimental diamonds and gemstones to create something for your personality that you'll be thrilled to wear every day in remembrance.
I have arthritis. How can I wear rings?
This is often a very difficult situation, but we have a simple solution. We can replace the shank (the back) of your ring with a new shank that opens and closes with a catch, much like a bracelet. This new shank allows the ring to fit tightly on your finger, without having to be sized to fit over your knuckle. The top of your ring will look exactly the same and no one will know about your new shank--until you start bragging.
Can I "grow" my diamonds?
We are pleased to give you trade in value for your diamonds, when you choose to upgrade them. Jerry Lindsey can even make modifications to your existing setting, to accommodate your new diamonds.
Do you provide appraisals?
Appraisals are provided free of charge for all custom jewelry designs by Jerry Lindsey. If you require appraisals on other items, we can provide them for a fee of $75 - $100/piece, depending on its intricacies.
What about repair work?
We do all repair work in house. Estimates for cost and amount of time needed are provided when you drop off the item.

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