Jerry Lindsey

Custom Jewelry

625 Bakers Bridge Ave., Ste. 104

Franklin, TN 37067


Jerry Lindsey Custom Jewelry responds to the COVID-19 pandemic

Jerry Lindsey Custom Jewelry will open to the public on Friday, May 8. With respect to Jerry's immune-suppressed status, customers and employees must wear masks inside the store. Curbside service will be available for customers without masks. For additional safety, we will limit the number of customers we serve inside the store to one family at a time.

Thank you for understanding. We look forward to seeing you -- stay safe. 


If we are repairing your jewelry, rest assured it is safe in our safe. We will reach out to you when we re-open.

Custom Orders

Jerry is still creating custom designs and sending drawings through e-mail.


Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Jerry Lindsey         

text to 615-364-7902