Jerry Lindsey

Custom Jewelry

625 Bakers Bridge Ave., Ste. 104

Franklin, TN 37067


Jewelry designs begin as a 3-D resin model. This gives you something to try on to better envision the finished product.

This diamond eternity band had its start as the resin model to the left.

Why custom jewelry? Because you're an individual.

Custom jewelry means a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is created just for you. Most people prefer this unique approach to seeing their special piece of jewelry being worn by a lot of other people.

The process is simple:
1. Discuss your design with us. You do NOT need to come up with a design yourself; that's why you come to Jerry Lindsey Custom Jewelry. You can bring in picture(s) of items you like, you can take our free 5-minute style test or you can simply discuss your ideas with Jerry.

2. Pick your metal. Jerry works with Platinum or Gold (yellow, white, rose or green) Jerry can furnish the Gold or Platinum, or you're welcome to bring in family jewelry or broken gold jewelry to reduce the cost of your finished product.

3. Add gemstones. Jerry has hundreds of colored gemstones - all natural - in various size and shapes. You can use one of our gemstones or bring in one of your own. We also have a wide selection of diamonds for you to purchase.

4. Picture the design. Jerry will create a computerized photograph of your finished design.

5. Approve the design. Once you and Jerry agree on a design, Jerry will know the weight and dimensions of the project to give you a fair price quote. At this point, the process will take 2-3 weeks more to complete.

6. Try it on. This step is optional, but most customers love it. Jerry will use one of his four 3-D printers to create up to two actual-size samples that you can try on ($150 fee). This way you can be sure it's totally perfect, before it's created in metal.

7. Melt the metal. Once the design has been approved, Jerry will create a mold, melt the metal, and cast it into your finished piece. All work is done on site in our Franklin store.

8. Set the gemstones. Jerry will hand set your selected gemstones into your finished piece.

9. Make it shine. Jerry will polish and clean your design until it sparkles like nature intended.

10. It's ready! Wear it with pride.

Love it, wear it and get ready to design the next piece. 

The end result is a unique piece, created especially for you or your loved one.